Al Gorgoni



By Chip Taylor

In the early 1960s, I wrote a song called “Springtime”. I was living and working in New York. I needed a guitar player that sounded like he was from West Virginia or Tennessee. Someone suggested Al Gorgoni. What a great day that was for me. Not only was he perfect for that demo, but he was perfect for all my country flavored stuff.

Al & I became great friends. We recorded a duet hit together. Billed as Just Us, “I Can’t Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree” sold over a half million copies in 1964. We produced James Taylor, Evie Sands and one track (Brooklyn Roads) for Neil Diamond. And we wrote a bunch of songs together, including “I Can’t Let Go” for The Hollies and Linda Rondstadt, “Pretty Colors” for Frank Sinatra and “Sweet Dream Woman” for Waylon Jennings.

Al was lead guitarist on hundreds of hit records in the 60s. And how about this for a R&R Joe hero – he played that amazing signature guitar lick on Brown Eyed Girl! Whether he was playing acoustic or electric guitars or arranging parts for an orchestra (he did that brilliantly as well), this was/is one soulful guy.

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  1. Dan Camp says:

    I have the song “Can’t grow peaches on a cherry tree” on a 45 RPM record. It was always one of my favorite songs and because of that it got alot of play on my sterio. Obviously now it is a little scratched up, but there are no skips on it. I recorded it into my I-Tunes, but the scratchy sound is still there. I have looked many times for the song to appear on some 60′s CD, but this has never happened to my knowledge. Why would this be since it sold so many records back in the day. There are songs out there that sold a fraction of Cherry Tree and they are on a CD. Why is this?

  2. Yanti says:

    Happy New Year!!!We want more Dank Sinatra! More More More!We’ll pay for the CD or download also would love Tshirts tell us how.Loving Dank Sinatra best new music SO HOTAmanda & Mark

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