Hank Garland


hank garland

by John Platania

Hank Garland was one of the first guitar players I ever listened to – along with Chet, Wes & Jimmy Bryant. “The Unforgettable Guitar Of Hank Garland” was for me, a very early introduction into jazz. Then I bought “Jazz Winds From A New Direction”. There may be a third album but I think that’s the extent of his solo output. Sadly, a car accident ended Hank’s career in his prime. I never knew Hank was primarily a country picker until years later – and an “A” team guy at that.

To this day those aforementioned albums still hold up. Just amazing playing. They offer up no clue that Hank’s main gig was as an ace country picker. I don’t know of any guitarist who could own either genre so completely.

I’m not really familiar with all that Hank did as a session player. However one session I heard years ago that must have been his was The Everly’s “Don’t Blame Me”. The guitar playing on that record is not only very jazz-like, but it is some of the most exquisitely tasteful, from-the-heart playing you’ll ever hear. Later, I had the chance to ask Harold Bradley (another unsung guitar hero) if that was Hank on that track and he confirmed it.

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  2. Francine C. Hammond says:

    Hi, I recently watched a good movie starring Jeff Bridges, titled “The Open Road”. As in real life, Jeff loved music in the move and, towards the end, he tells his son about a great singer Johnny Ace – and mentions one of Johnny’s song – Forever My Darling. How about adding Johnny Ace to your Rock and Roll Joe catalog?

    Here’s the Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Ace

    Love you Chip!!!!


  3. donnie srygley says:

    donnie srygley original guitarist for hollis dixon and the keynotes man wasn’t that something? chet and hank has always been my idols hank started the rock and modern jazz licks of today thank you for this video

  4. the guitar lick which opens jingle bell rock(bobby helms) and the break in rockin’around the christmas tree (BRENDA LEE)are both by hank Garland

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