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“Not many people read the back of albums.”

That’s what Cornell Dupree told an interviewer years ago. But here at Rock and Roll Joe we do read the back of albums and an awful lot of them featured Cornell Dupree’s name next to “guitarist.” He played with the best of the best – Wilson Pickett, B.B. King, Paul Simon, Ringo Starr and Miles Davis all featured Dupree on their records.

One of Cornell Dupree’s signature riffs can be heard on Brook Benton’s version of Rainy Night in Georgia – a truly great song.

But Dupree’s best work may have been with Aretha Franklin. He played on some of her biggest studio hits like Spanish Harlem

And Dupree was also part of her touring band (he started out with the King Curtis band) and can be heard on her seminal live recordings like the amazing Live at the Fillmore West.

Cornell Dupree went on to work on his own projects, including a stint with the jazz funk band Stuff in the 1970s.

We had hoped to post about Cornell Dupree sometime in the coming year but we had move it up because he passed away last week at the age of 68. But his music lives on and he will always be a true Rock and Roll Joe.

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  1. Carla says:

    A better magazine theme will make the blog looks nicer:)

  2. Bob Davis says:

    “Not many people read the backs of albums” but there are some of us who read the backs of albums and the composer credit lines on singles. I remember being surprised to see that “Night Life”, so masterfully sung by Aretha Franklin, was written by that old “outlaw” Willie Nelson. There a lots of other nuggets of information for those who seek them, and I’m annoyed at CDs that don’t give writing credits.

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