1650 Broadway



“As a child I had imagined, erroneously, that Tin Pan Alley was a physical alley next to the Brill Building. Both were symbols of music publishing in the twentieth century, which is probably why so many people think that my husband Gerry Goffin and I wrote in the Brill Building when we worked as songwriters for Aldon Music. But we didn’t. The Brill Building is at 1619 Broadway. The building that housed Aldon Music was 1650 Broadway.” – Carole King Read Full Article

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Marge Seeger



by Buddy Miller

When I was 9 or 10 my folks bought me a cheap nylon string guitar. I used to ride my bicycle around town with that guitar strapped on my back. One day we took a spill and the guitar’s side split in half with a huge crack, it was still playable and was my only guitar till i was 13. Read Full Article

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Wrecking Crew



There is a great new book about the Wrecking Crew – the incredible Read Full Article

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Chuck Leavell – Forest Ranger



Check out the New York Times article about keyboardist Chuck Leavell and how he became an honorary Forest Ranger. Chuck is a great Read Full Article

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Rock and Roll Joe is Back



Check out the great new entries from Rosanne Cash and Buddy Miller. And check out what other notable contributors like Bill Frisell, Greg Leisz and Robert Earl Keen.

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Sister Rosetta Tharpe


sister rosetta tharpe

by Rosanne Cash

I heard my dad mention her many times, and heard him say she was his “favorite singer.” It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I really listened to her myself, and I understood what she meant to my dad, and how influential she had been. I can imagine him listening to hear over the radio, that combination of spiritual and badass, and how my dad integrated that VERY combination into his own musical persona. Read Full Article

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