About Rock & Roll Joe

Welcome to Rock and Roll Joe

This is the launch of the Rock and Roll Joe project.  This web site will promote and honor the unsung heroes of rock music.   The history of rock is filled with people such as Hank Garland and Mickey Baker who were instrumental in shaping the sound of today’s best music.  Yet their contributions are barely recognized.  In addition to the under appreciated session players, there are the songwriters, producers and behind the scenes people who helped shape the music we love.

And Rock and Roll Joes aren’t only those musicians who helped make our favorite records – they are also those who performed the great records we never got to hear.  Some in the business were the victims of bad luck.  Others were our friends and family members who simply loved to play – at home or in the local bar – and introduced us to a lifetime of great music.

Rock and Roll Joe will seek to redress this injustice while also being a place where music lovers can have fun learning about and discussing the present and history of rock and listening to great music.  Come visit us to learn more and submit your own Rock and Roll Joe entry.

Rock and Roll Joe grew out of an album of songs (due May 24) written by Chip Taylor (Wild Thing, Angel of the Morning) and recorded by his touring band.